There can be little argument that Climate Change and its effects is the most important issue for a generation.  How Climate Change will affect how we manage our waste and the waste management industry as a whole is a topic worthy of this year’s International Keynote Speaker at this year’s Irish Waste Management Conference on Thursday, November 28th in the Croke Park Conference Centre in Dublin.

One of the world’s leading experts on Climate Change and how we need to adapt to the new reality of it with regard to managing our waste is Stuart Foster, Chief Executive Officer of Recoup UK.  Stuart will give a keynote presentation on;

Waste management in the spotlight – Priorities to deliver global Climate Change mitigation

  • An international perspective – – separating fact from fiction
  • The changing relationship with plastics in the UK
  • A new world order, same old waste hierarch
  • What is circular economy, resource efficiency, sustainability, waste, recycling, reduction, environment, business?  Is everyone talking the same language
  • The future for Plastic, Waste Management and its effects on Climate Change

Stuart Foster, Chief Executive Officer, Recoup UK

This presentation is a first for Ireland and is not to be missed

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