Simon Gandy, Technical Director, Waste & Circularity Lead Europe, SLR Consulting will be talking at the Irish Waste Management Conference Thursday, March 9th in The Aviva Conference Centre, Dublin and will cover the following topics:

  • It is frequently assumed that the circular economy is invariably good for combating climate change
  • Whilst this is a valid ‘rule of thumb’, the reality is inevitably more nuanced.
  • Moreover, its impacts on wider environmental indicators may be
    positive or negative.
  • This presentation will review how the circular economy can influence
    climate change and other criteria, by looking through the lens of life
    cycle assessment.

Simon Gandy is an environmental consultant, advising public and private clients on matters of waste management, the circular economy, sustainability and life cycle assessment (LCA). Simon’s expertise in the practical application of LCA, especially in the field of waste management, has become the foundation for both circularity studies and Scope 3 carbon calculations, meaning Simon’s skills and experience are in particularly high demand. He now leads SLR Europe’s work on Waste & Circularity, as well as driving forward its link with other emerging themes such as natural capital, energy transition, social value and climate resilience.

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