Agenda 2018

Developing the Waste Market

November 29th, Croke Park Conference Centre

Conference Agenda

9:10 Morning Session Chaired by Anthony Mulleady, Chairperson, Irish Waste Management Association

9:15 My Waste Campaign Intro & Video Screening

MyWaste is an information service being developed by Ireland’s three Regional Waste Management Offices (RWMOs) on behalf of the Irish government.  A primary objective of the project is the development a new web based information portal – – designed to offer advice to all citizens on waste management in the Republic of Ireland.  It is to become the official guide for Irish waste management.  The My Waste campaign will help citizens to become part of the solution to preventing and managing waste more effectively across Ireland.

Eóin Deegan, Assistant Principal Officer, Waste Policy and Resource Efficiency Division – Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment

9:30 Waste Policy Updates from the Department for 2019

Matthew Collins, Assistant Secretary leading the Natural Resources and Waste Policy function in the Department.

9:50 National Waste Characterisation Survey

  • Introduction/background
  • Survey planning
  • Results
  • Contamination/ non target material
  • Future work

Helen Searson, Waste Characterisation Report, Project Manager Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

10:10 Irish and European Updates on Waste Law Developments

  • Comprehensive and insightful legal update
  • Focus on Enforcement of waste activities under the waste regulatory regime

Alison Fanagan, Co-Head of Environmental & Planning, A&L Goodbody

10:50 Q & A Session open to the floor

11:00 Morning Coffee Break, Exhibition Viewing and Networking

11:30 Benchmarking Household Waste Collection Costs

  • The costs of household waste management in Ireland versus other EU Countries.
  • The historical costs of household waste management in Ireland.
  • Differences in service provision across Europe.
  • Factors affecting the cost of household waste collection.
  • How does Ireland rank in comparison with our neighbours

Conor Walsh, Technical Director with SLR Consulting and also IWMA Secretary

11:50 Making Markets Work Better – the Waste Industry

  • The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission
  • Overview of competition and consumer protection law in the waste sector
  • The CCPC’s Report into the Operation of the Household Waste Collection Market in Ireland
  • CCPC priorities

Fergal O’Leary, Member of the Commission, Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC)

12:10 Q & A Session open to the floor

The UK Plastics Pact: Towards a Circular Plastics System

  • About the UK Plastics Pact: Targets, Delivery and Progress to date
  • How the UK Plastics Pact is delivering benefits for the Environment, Business and the Citizen
  • Future Challenges and Opportunities

Dr Ian Garner, Head of WRAP Northern Ireland

12:40 Seamus Clancy, CEO, Repak – New Plastics Packaging Strategy for Ireland

1:00 PANEL DISCUSSION 1: Plastics, Packaging, Recycling- New Plastic Economy

  • Helen Searson – EPA
  • Conor Walsh – IWMA
  • Seamus Clancy – Repak
  • Pauline McDonagh – Southern Region Waste Management Office
  • Dr Ian Garner – WRAP Northern Ireland

1:15 Lunch, Exhibition Viewing and Networking (Sponsored by A&L Goodbody)

2:25 Afternoon Session Chaired by Billy Dolan, Chairman, Chartered Institute of Waste Management in Ireland

To Discard or Not Discard – Is that still the question? – The Definition of Waste

  • The definition is paradoxically simple yet we can still argue for years about the actual point when a product has become waste.
  • The legalistic vocabulary is cluttered with expressions like End of life, second life, by product, co product, prepare for reuse, upcycle, secondary raw material and remanufacture to list the obvious ones.
  • After two versions of the waste framework directive, countless amendments and thousands of pages of local and international case law, do we really share a common understanding of what waste is?

Andrew Moag, Director, AMC Environmental Ltd

3:00 Soil & Stone: Waste, By-product and End-of-Waste

  • How to support the prevention of soil and stone waste.
  • When is soil and stone a waste, and when is it a by-product?
  • How can you ensure you achieve by-product status?
  • How can end-of-waste help?

David Flynn, Programme Manager, Environmental Licensing, Environmental Protection Agency

3:20 Problems with recycling and how to fix them

  • The main problems with recycling
  • What needs to change in order to contribute to the circular economy?
  • How to enhance sustainability

David Tobin, Beauparc Utilities Group Limited is the parent company of Panda, Panda Power, IPR and Greenstar.

3:40 The Capacity Challenge

  • Update on current trends for both Municipal Solid Waste and Construction & Demolition Waste
  • Short to medium term forecasts on both
  • The challenges and  opportunities ahead

Hugh Coughlan – Regional Co-ordinator, Eastern Midlands Waste Region

4:00 PANEL DISCUSSION 2: What is Waste?

  • Andrew Moag, Director, AMC Environmental Ltd
  • David Tobin, Beauparc Utilities Group Limited is the parent company of Panda, Panda Power, IPR and Greenstar.
  • David Flynn, EPA
  • Hugh Coughlan – Eastern Midlands Regional Waste Authority
  • Cian O’Hora –  Managing Director, Integrated Materials Solutions

4:30 Conference Ends

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