Conference Agenda

9:00 Morning Session Chaired by Kieran Mullins, Chairman, Irish Waste Management Association


9:10 Minster for the Environment, Community & Local Government – Alan Kelly T.D. 


9:25 SEPA’s Waste to Resources Plan

  • Waste Sector Compliance
  • Eradication of Waste Crime
  • Maximum Value Extracted from Materials
  • Business Realising the Benefits of Resource Efficiency

John Kenny, Head of National Operations with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

9:55 Why focus on enforcement? It’s the Circular Economy, stupid!

  • Enforcement
  • Circular Economy

Philip Nugent, Principal Officer – Waste Policy Section, Dept. of Environment, Community & Local Government

10:20   Trends in Household Waste Management

  • Trends in household waste types and quantities
  • Collection and treatment infrastructure
  • How EU and national legislation has impacted on household waste trends

Fiona McCoole, Inspector, EPA

10: 45 Q & A Session open to the floor

11:00 Morning Coffee Break, Exhibition Viewing and Networking

11:30 Waste enforcement and the classification of waste

Alison Fanagan, waste law expert with A&L Goodbody solicitors, will update delegates on legal developments in the waste area over the last year. She will look particularly at enforcement, and the ways in which waste is classified. Her update will look at these issues from the point of view of waste generators, waste businesses, regulators and brokers.

  • Legal developments in the waste
  • Waste Management Enforcement
  • How is waste classified?

Alison Fanagan, Co-Head of Environmental & Planning, A&L Goodbody 

11:50    An Innocent Abroad

  • Ireland’s Position in Europe – Market Context.
  • Challenges with Ever Changing Technology – Investment Requirements
  • External Pressures – Exacting Standards
  • Changing Industry Margins

Mark Burrows Smith, CEO, Greenstar

12:10 Enforcement in the Waste Sector – The Problem with a Two Tier System

  • The Need for Consistent Enforcement
  • EPA versus Local Authority Enforcement
  • Transparency and the Aarhus Convention
  • Competitive advantages & disadvantages

Conor Walsh, Secretary, Irish Waste Management Association

12:30 PANEL DISCUSSION – Enforcement Lead Authorities Update

  • Declan Wallace – Assistant Chief Executive, Dublin City Council and Lead Authority, Eastern / Midlands Waste Enforcement Region
  • Sharon Corcoran – Director of Environmental Services, Cork County Council and Lead Authority, Southern Waste Enforcement Region
  • Joseph Gilhooly – Director of Services, Planning Community and Economic Development, Leitrim County Council and Connacht & Ulster Waste Enforcement Region

1:10 ALG-medLunch, Exhibition Viewing and Networking (Sponsored by A&L Goodbody)

Afternoon Session Chaired by Enda Kiernan, Chartered Institute of Wastes Management


2:15 Latest Developments in England and Scotland with New Waste Technologies

  • How MBT has proved to be difficult
  • What has happened with the development of thermal treatment?
  • How and why gasification seems to have taken off

Keith Riley, Partner, Technology & Waste Procurement, BP Energy Gap, UK

2:40 Developments in Waste Collection Permitting and the NWCPO

  • The role of the NWCPO in waste management in Ireland
  • Developments in IT systems and waste data management
  • Impact of new legislation on the waste collection permitting system

Leo Duffy, Programme Manager, National Waste Collection Permit Office

3:00 Regional Waste Plans – la phase de mis en oeuvre

  • Activities of the 3 Regional Offices since the publication of the Waste Plans in May 2015
  • Key priorities for 2016
  • The Regions will also release some recently prepared waste statistics

Hugh Coughlan, Regional Co-Ordinator, Eastern-Midlands Regional Waste Office & Dublin City Council

3:20 PANEL DISCUSSION – Weighing up the Future

  • Conor Walsh, Secretary, Irish Waste Management Association
  • John Kenny, Head of National Operations with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
  • Philip Nugent, Principal Officer – Waste Policy Section, Dept. of Environment, Community & Local Government

4:00 Conference Ends

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