Neill Ryan, CEO, Greyhound Recycling will be talking at the Irish Waste Management Conference Thursday, March 9th in The Aviva Conference Centre, Dublin and will cover the following topics:

Technology Investment

  • How can it lower costs?
  • Can it influence sustainability?
  • How do you get a return?

Rising Disposal Costs

  • Increasing contamination levels
  • Local Vs Export
  • The long-term outlook

 Advertising in the waste market

  • Best forms of advertising – ROAS
  • How to break down a market – demographics
  • Price based advertising – race to the bottom


Neill is the CEO of Greyhound. Before deciding to embrace waste management he was a founder, and leader, in the technology sector. It was here he saw the benefits that technology could bring to many industries. Waste in particular.  His focus has always been, and is always on, the customer. He believes making things simpler, easier, understandable and relevant to them, through technology or otherwise, will lead to success. This customer led approach is key to the programme he has put in place to help reshape Greyhound’s place in the world. Neill is passionate about rugby having played at highly competitive levels for many years. Although strangely the older he gets, it seems, the better he was.

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