Alison Fanagan – Joint Head of Environmental & Planning Group, A&L Goodbody

With possible changes to waste policy coming soon and indeed to waste enforcement with potentially new and increased environmental levies on waste, there is lots to discuss surrounding these issues and more at this year’s Irish Waste Management Conference on Thursday, November 28th in the Croke Park Conference Centre in Dublin.

To cover these issues and more we are delighted that Alison Fanagan, Joint Head of Environmental & Planning Group with A&L Goodbody will give a keynote presentation at The Irish Waste Management Conference in Croke Park on 28th November.  Alison’s presentation details are;
The legal issues around the National Waste Policy Review

  • What is up for debate from the 2012 Policy Document?
  • How might the waste collection market change in light of the recent calls for re-municipalisation in Cork and Dublin?
  • What challenges does Ireland face in complying with its EU waste obligations and what would the implications of breach be?

Alison Fanagan, Joint Head of Environmental & Planning Group, A&L Goodbody

For anyone in either the Private or Public Waste Sector this presentation is not to be missed.

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