My Waste Campaign Intro & Video Screening

Eóin Deegan, Assistant Principal Officer, Waste Policy and Resource Efficiency Division – Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment

Waste Policy Updates from the Department for 2019

Matthew Collins, Assistant Secretary leading the Natural Resources and Waste Policy function in the Department.

National Waste Characterisation Survey

Helen Searson, Waste Characterisation Report, Project Manager Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Irish and European Updates on Waste Law Developments

Alison Fanagan, Co-Head of Environmental & Planning, A&L Goodbody

Benchmarking Household Waste Collection Costs

Conor Walsh, Technical Director with SLR Consulting and also IWMA Secretary

Making Markets Work Better – the Waste Industry

Fergal O’Leary, Member of the Commission, Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC)

The UK Plastics Pact: Towards a Circular Plastics System

Dr Ian Garner, Head of WRAP Northern Ireland

Soil & Stone: Waste, By-product and End-of-Waste

David Flynn, Programme Manager, Environmental Licensing, Environmental Protection Agency

Problems with recycling and how to fix them

David Tobin, Beauparc Utilities Group Limited is the parent company of Panda, Panda Power, IPR and Greenstar.

The Capacity Challenge

Hugh Coughlan, Regional Co-ordinator, Eastern Midlands Waste Region

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